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School Hours


Start 07h10 to 13h10

07h10 to 13h50


07h10 to 14h30


07h10 to 14h30

School Fees 2013

Grades 5-7
N$ 300

Grades 8-12
N$ 450

Grades 8-10
(Keyboard & Word Processing)
N$ 550

Compulsary Contribution
(School Laboratory)
N$ 100

Learner Enrollment 2012

Grade 5 - 153
Grade 6 - 240
Grade 7 - 291
Grade 8 - 159
Grade 9 - 179
Grade 10 - 106
Grade 11 - 106
Grade 12 - 36

Total 1270 Learners

School of Excellence

Duinesig "View of Dunes" was officially opened by the then Director General of Department of Education and Training, Dr. A.B Fourie on 18 March 1983. He handed over the keys to the first principal Mr. W Cloete.

The school started with 430 learners, Standards 2-4 and 15 teachers. Through the years Duinesig has grown and expanded its facilities to accommodate learners. Current enrolment peaks at 1270 learners and 48 teachers from grades 5-12.

Mission Statement

The mission of Duinesig C.S. is "to create and implement an appropriate and well-ordered infrastructure in order to convey educational Christian values, relevant knowledge and contextual prescribed school based curriculum for diverse cultural and educational back-grounds, in order to enable and empower an increasing number of learners through partnership with parents and community.

Vision Statement

• To support and stimulate learners through childhood and youth, prepare
   them for the responsibilities and challenges of adult life and citizens.

• To encourage perseverance, reliability, accountability and respect for the
   value and dignity of work.

• To provide knowledge, understanding valve and develop creativity and
   practical skills as a solid foundation for academic or vocational training,
   meaningful and productive adult life.

• To promote maximal development of the individual learner's potential,
   including those with special needs.

• To foster and promote the spiritual and religious well-being of learners
   with regard o the diversity and freedom of beliefs and to lay a foundation
   for the development of human resources and economic growth of the


New Classrooms Opening Ceremony

Grade Distribution

Upper Primary Phase
Grade 5-7
Grade 5 (4 Classes)
Grade 6 (6 Classes)
Grade 7 (8 Classes)

Junior Secondary Phase
Grade 8–10
Grade 8 (5 Classes)
Grade 9 (4 Classes)
Grade 10 (3 Classes)

Senior Secondary Phase
Grade 11–12
Grade 11 (4 Classes)
Grade 12 (1 Class)